German Christmas for the Win!

It's not that I'm overly competitive... Wait!  I take that back, I totally am. 😳🤣  And Christmas shouldn't be a competition, I get that.  But if it were, GERMANY would win!  This probably doesn't come as a surprise as most of our Christmas traditions seem to  have originated here, but seriously, hands down, the Germans... Continue Reading →

Weihnachtszeit & Light the World

Christmas Time Ok, can I just say how totally excited I am to experience a German Christmas?!  I just am. It seems there is an endless list of German Christmas traditions, and I want to try and adopt, like ALL OF THEM!  And trust me, I'm gonna try. So there's this Facebook Group I'm part... Continue Reading →

Repentance Day

I mean, Happy Thanksgiving! All work holidays here in Germany are religious.  This is so foreign to me coming from the USA where this sort of stuff would come under: separation of church and state.  Our national holidays are much different, like Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Independence Day, & Memorial & Labor Day,... Continue Reading →

The Tuckered Inn is Open

It's a precarious thing, living abroad.  And even more so here in Germany where I do not speak the language.  It sure makes reaching out and being friendly that much more challenging.  It's a delicate balance of wanting to be myself, but wanting to understand and respect the local culture and expectations.  This was a... Continue Reading →

Athens, Greece

Let's go there! When we lived in Texas our favorite beach was Destin, Florida.  We’d go there every year in the spring and/or fall for a week.  It was divine.  When we moved to the UK back in 2012 we knew we needed find our new Destin.  With that as our goal, we stumbled upon... Continue Reading →

Soaking up Sicilian Sun

No Filter Needed Knowing our first winter in Germany might be a bit of a shock, we planned this trip to Sicily during the kids' Fall Break.  We were super excited to soak up every last ray of sun before winter!  And it worked out perfectly!  Can you believe they get a two week fall... Continue Reading →

Ragnar White Cliffs

When we lived in London, we went to church near our son's primary school in Selsdon.  We lived there for two years and made so many wonderful friends at church.  A little over a year ago, one of our friends there told me that we've been replaced by a new American family.  😉 Well this very... Continue Reading →

Willkommen zum Herbstmarkt!

Welcome to the Autumn Market! Festivals are a total thing here.  If you can think of an occasion, there's a festival for that.   Here's a link to a list of them, and just from August to December I count roughly 50.  It's just a way of life.  It's super fun, I have to admit.... Continue Reading →

Like a Local

Jaxon wants to show you how he gets to school now that we've settled in a bit.  The First few days I drove him, but driving in downtown cities is a bit of a nightmare.  I can do it, but by the time I come home I feel like I've been to war and back.... Continue Reading →

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