Let’s go Shopping

Easy enough, right?  Or is it?  So I thought I’d document one of my trips to the market.  There are several different grocery stores within walking distance of our house.  So come check it out…

It’s just not easy.  No brand recognition, the organization of the stores is different, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Like check this out…

So my video stopped and I eyed containers that resembled Pringles.  Thought my kids would be excited about that.  AND they were also from Trader Joe’s, so surely it will be similar to American chips?  Well, I bought some: total disappointment.  When away from America, here’s my tip!  Stay away from “American” food.  It’s never the same!

While looking for chicken, I came across some breasts that was HUGE (even for Southern California 😂).  I was like what?  I didn’t notice the drawing of a turkey on it, so I tried google translate:

See, it’s not that hard.  I should have noticed the picture of the turkey on the label.  Google translate is often my best friend at the market (well, and everywhere I go).  I know it’s not great, but it’s way better than anything I could come up with!

Then I was looking for some grated parmesan for my dinner recipe (oh, by the way, I bought that turkey breast)!  It was way cheaper than the chicken and don’t think anyone was the wiser at dinner!

Then I found it!  YAY!  And check out that mozzarella!  It is balls of mozzarella in bags of water, and it is SOOOOO good, we kind of live off it.  It’s caprese every day in our house!

Ok, now for the tricky part: checking out.  It’s like a race.  It’s like the German check out people all belong to the Olympic sport of speed check out.  Problem is, YOU (well, I) have to bag it up.  So good luck keeping up.  I think I might training at home before I shop!


The good news is, this store has like this long table where I can take a minute and get it all bagged.  I carefully bagged what I could into two large canvas bags, then loaded the heaviest and breakable items in my backpack, and was off!

Feeling accomplished, it’s time to make the trek home.  On my way out of the store while carrying my heavy load I see this… Show off!


So the next day I tried shopping with Dallin’s bike.  It went pretty well.  I didn’t get quite as many groceries as this trip, but it was effective.  Jaxon came along and carried home his own stash of snacks on the back of his bike.  When in Rome….Or Germany, eh?

Enjoy your shopping trips at home!  Be grateful for the abundance and familiarity…and your cars!

So, I have to add a few more pictures.  I was shopping the other day and took a couple pictures.   Check it out:

And I had been on the hunt for whipping cream, but haven’t found any in the refrigeration aisle with the milk.  And today I found this on the regular shelves:














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  1. Just came by this blog by chance. I loved to see the american view of german life and culture. I might come back than and now to see if there are any other fun explorations into german life. And if you already like the cheese and bread section in ALDI (which is like the cheapest place to go shopping here) you should check out an EDEKA store. Or at least try a real bakery where they bake their own bread!

    I hope you and your family will have an enjoyable time here in germany!


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