This is a day trip I put together to explore with the kids while Jason was at work.  So I figured I had about a 50/50 chance at success.  I think going on excursions with big kids isn’t much different than when I did it when they were little.  Both required some planning, prepping, packing, and a little panicking, and both ended in roughly one of two ways:  total melt down at the zoo with a blown out diaper and a screaming toddler or a euphoric sense of accomplishment when the kids had a great time, and a reassurance on the drive home that I’m an awesome mom!!!  It’s the same with teenagers, well maybe minus the poop.  It’s either a day of resentment and dragging of feet and why couldn’t we just stay home and play video games or text our friends, or it can be a, fun-filled, silly and usually a lot of crazy, good time.

I was nervous at my chances.  This was the first little outing I had put together for them, and at the get-go I think I was feeling a little resistance.  But I was pleasantly surprised that it ended up being a pretty great day.

My Lonely Planet describes Meißen like this, “Straddling the Elbe around 25km upstream from Dresden, Meissen is the cradle of European porcelain manufacturing and still hitches its tourism appeal to the world-famous china first cooked up in its imposing castle in 1710. But even those left unmoved by August the Strong’s ‘white gold’ will find the impressive position of the town compelling, with its soaring Gothic cathedral, fairy-tale-like castle, and wonderful Elbe valley views.”  

We were going mostly for the castle, and I was hoping this porcelain museum thing would be kind of cool.  Well guess who liked the museum the most?  My little-crazy-fun Jaxon did!  We took a demonstration tour so the kids all had translation and got to see just how it is all created.  Jaxon was standing in front with all the old people!  This guy was into it!  After the tour we got a great parking spot and enjoyed checking out the castle.  We’ve been into several castles now.  This one was especially cool because in one of the rooms they gave us big slippers to put on to preserve the herringbone wood floors.  We, of course, figured it was an invitation for interpretive ice dancing or speed skating races.  Oh, I hope Europe survives us!


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  1. If i knew you were coming to our place we could have met and I could have shown you a bit around. But maybe there’s a second round. Or we try another place. 😊


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