Old Mission Companions Reunite in Prague

Jason’s Mission Trainer was in Prague with his wife while cheering on their Cougarette in an International Dance Competition.  A perfect opportunity for a reunion.

Prague is just over an hour and a half from Dresden.  An easy day trip.  Jason went in to the office for half a day, and we were off.  He worked the drive and in a hotel lobby while we were out exploring.  We would meet up with his trainer that afternoon at the dance competition and later go out to dinner.  But get this, we run into his old companion in the city.  We, of course, sported our Cougar gear; wanted to represent!  And they spotted us (note:  we haven’t really met but once), he spotted the big crazy BYU-wearing Mormon blonde family in Prague, and we were shocked!  It was so fun.

We explored Prague for a few hours, left our mark on the John Lennon Wall, and enjoyed the dance festival for a while, then had the best time over dinner and gelato with the Wiechers family.  Greg and Anne were super fun and easy to hang out with, and their talented daughter Hallie was a doll.  She was Jaxon’s unofficial girlfriend for the night!  When you feel as isolated as we do sometimes, it makes running into people that are familiar (even new but somehow connected) so much more precious.  It was such a great evening with the Weichers in Prague.  And we LOVE old missionary stories.  Our favorite is the story of he and Jason driving backwards to save miles and getting pulled over on an old Tennessee Hwy.  Apparently the officer just let them go after they explained why they were doing it.  Too funny.



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