Saxon-Switzerland National Park

Königstein Fortress & Bastei Bridge

It’s always tricky planning these outings.  Not only do we have to do the research, find the location, figure out logistics and all, but then we have to put together a sales presentation for the kids.  That’s sometimes the most difficult task.  How to get the kids excited to get up and go!  Königstein Fortress is built right on top of huge rocks jettisoned out of the ground.  It’s massive!  And has some great views once up on top.  Online it says it  is a unique monument to the art of European fortress construction. Its 750 years’ history have made it an impressive configuration of late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and 19th century architecture.  As we walked around, I was worried it was going to be pretty boring, but we got a scavenger hunt sheet for Jaxon which had him hooked!  And the older kids found a great museum in which they ended up spending a long time.  We spent more time there then we anticipated.

After spending several hours at the fortress we headed down the hill and accross the Elbe River to a town called Rathen where we ate our first German meal and hiked up to Bastei Bridge.  The food was so good: everyone loved it.  Weiner Schnitzel is now Dallin’s favorite food!  We had a race back down from the bridge which left Jason and I feeling a little sore the next day, and we enjoyed some gelato (that’s an every other day experience for us this summer).  All in all:  A great outing ✅



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