International School

Em’s First Day of School!

Emily started school a couple days after the boys.  Since she only has two years of high school left, she chose to attend the International School in Dresden.  Her school is in the Allstadt (or the Old City) across the Elbe.  She walks to school each morning, for now.  She might change her mind once there’s snow on the ground?  We’ll see.  The students each are required to bring laptops, so she lugs a pretty heavy backpack for her 30 minute walk each morning.  Like I said, we’ll see how long it lasts.

She is in 11th grade and I believe there are about 50 students in her class.  This is a huge change from the 900+ at her old high school in Utah.  She was super disappointed to see that any effort at sports seems a big joke.  But she is playing soccer on a club team here in Dresden, so that should keep her busy and happy enough.  But she is devastated to have had to give up all that big high school stuff like football games, dances, and team sports.

She is enrolled in an IB Diploma program which, clearly, is going to be academically rigorous.  I still don’t understand how grading works yet, or how this will all workout when she applies to American universities.  But she had plenty of homework on the first and second days of school.  She was stressing over a Biology test last weekend, but found out this morning she got a 7.  So she is happy 😁  and I’m like, so 😳 is a 7 good?  Apparently all scores are 1-7.  So Yay!  She is working so hard already, I am very proud of her.


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