Like a Local

Jaxon wants to show you how he gets to school now that we’ve settled in a bit.  The First few days I drove him, but driving in downtown cities is a bit of a nightmare.  I can do it, but by the time I come home I feel like I’ve been to war and back.  It’s just such attentive driving.  It’s busy with cars, pedestrians, cyclists, trams and buses.  There’s just so much going on, not to mention narrow and/or one way streets.  It was a bit much.  And it’s not the most economical way to get him to school either.  Jason’s car is diesel, but mine isn’t.  And fuel here is PRICEY!

Remember, I mentioned in the first school post that most children here commute to school independently at really young ages.  We’ve found this to be true!  Kids are biking, walking, and taking trams and buses all by themselves.  We tried biking to school together a few times, but like I said, these roads are busy!  And he’d have to cross the river and watch out for cars and trams and follow all the bike lanes.  That seemed like a bit much too.  So, we chose to give the public transportation a chance.  Not a far walk from our house Jaxon can catch a tram that takes him very close to his school.  We did it together for about a week, and he was ready to go it alone!  I WAS NERVOUS!  But HE was ready.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  How we do.

Then I walk back to the tram stop and wait for him to come home.  I was so nervous the first day.  His tram comes every 10 minutes.  If he races to the stop after school he gets home on the first one, and if not, I wait another 10 minutes.  So that 10 minute wait is a little nerve-wracking still.  His first day he didn’t show up on the first.  Then the second tram came and went and no Jaxon.  I was about to freak out when he runs off a tram coming from the other direction!

I asked him what happened, and if he was scared.  He said that he missed our stop, and when he realized it he got off, and then just got on another tram going the other way.  I had taught him to do that just in case, thinking he’d never have to though.  He then proceeded to explain why he was distracted and missed our stop.  He said, “I was sitting there and looking at this person. I don’t know if it was a man or a woman.  They had painted toenails, and one toenail was really long, and really short hair like a boy, and I just don’t know.”  Oh city life.  I can’t believe he missed our stop!

So this is the video of me waiting for him the second day:

YAY!!!!  He made it. Oh and he seemed super excited about school, right?  I think we about have the kinks worked out.  We’ll see.  But a pretty exciting commute, eh?!


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