Willkommen zum Herbstmarkt!

Welcome to the Autumn Market!


Festivals are a total thing here.  If you can think of an occasion, there’s a festival for that.   Here’s a link to a list of them, and just from August to December I count roughly 50.  It’s just a way of life.  It’s super fun, I have to admit.  But understanding it, I still have a ways to go.  Jaxon’s tram goes thru the Altstadt (the old city) on his way to school.  He saw the little wooden huts going up earlier in the week and on Thursday we decided to venture out and see what was happening.  So we rode down…

We were not surprised to see another festival just beginning.  I loved all the fall colors and foliage adorning those cute little huts, we had to take the family with us on Saturday.


I loved how it just felt like fall in the air.  It was cool, we were dressed for it, and it was the perfect setting for some German food, live music, and people watching.  Jaxon had a Nutella crepe and the boys love schnitzel, even as a sandwich, I had a bratwurst, and Jason a currywurst (like a sliced sausage in curry sauce with bread).  We walked through the isles of huts and explored the goods.  Jaxon carefully chose a tiny little wallet over a stuffed animal after much debate, but was happy with his purchase.  And that’s about it.

Em didn’t join us, morning hill sprints and homework left her napping midday.  But she was excited to have friends come over from school that evening.  And we were on the hunt for some extra seating as we feared our little sectional might prove a bit cumbersome.  But we found a pair of perfect beanbag chairs on our way home, and carried them with us.  And that’s about it.  That was our Saturday at the festival.  We’ll be attending many more, I think!

Checkout how festive it all looks:

The Herbstmarkt arrived just at the perfect moment.  We saw signs of fall along our route to the market:

Here we are with our spoils:



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