Ragnar White Cliffs

IMG_7128When we lived in London, we went to church near our son’s primary school in Selsdon.  We lived there for two years and made so many wonderful friends at church.  A little over a year ago, one of our friends there told me that we’ve been replaced by a new American family.  😉 Well this very cool new American family are the Bell’s of Utah.  They are living in the UK for a few years with their young family, while Tanner works to establish a few European Ragnar Relay Races.  We have enjoyed getting to know the Bell’s via Facebook Messaging and a couple church visits.  And we were super excited to hear that the first Ragnar was happening in England this fall!  Jason and Emily signed up to run with Kristin Bell and a random group of runners, and they were all set for the upcoming weekend.

Dallin has just started running a little recently.  For a few weeks now, he’s been out on several runs.  Mostly at the prodding of his parents for him to do something active, and partly because he’s figuring it out, and maybe even likes it!  We’re hopeful that he does because at 5’10/5’11 and weighing only 115, he kind of has the body of a runner right now!  Well Em’s little conflict created a great opportunity for Dallin to really try out this whole running thing.  We figured, he’ll either come away loving it or hating it.  For any of you who don’t know, a Ragnar is a 10-12 person team relay race of about 170 miles.  They have them all over the states, and Jason has run a few with his sisters.  And I’m not sure if his sisters can even count how many they’ve run, they LOVE them.  Here are a few photos from their race:

Verdict is in: the boys came home about an hour ago, and Dallin is all smiles and told me all about it!  Stories of getting lost,  running on little trails and opening and closing sheep gates, beautiful views, meeting new people from different places around the world, driving a right-side-drive van on crazy-narrow farmland streets and trying to avoid runners, fun conversations and memories of living in London, back row sleeping in the van, and feeling pretty good about it, I think.


Thank you to Kristin Bell for the opportunity and letting these boys join her team, and I think all the Tuckers will run the upcoming Germany Ragnar!  Fingers crossed.



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  1. Thank you for sharing them!! IT was pretty incredible and we were all very impressed by Dallin! What a great kid….we wore him out good….and also, He probably got a little more of an education than anyone hoped for (my apologies for the eccentric German in the van). Thank you for all the support! Can’t wait to see you all in Germany for the next one!


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