Soaking up Sicilian Sun

No Filter Needed

IMG_7572Knowing our first winter in Germany might be a bit of a shock, we planned this trip to Sicily during the kids’ Fall Break.  We were super excited to soak up every last ray of sun before winter!  And it worked out perfectly!  Can you believe they get a two week fall break?  It’s amazing!  I don’t even think we got a full two weeks off during Christmas last year back home.  It sure is a long school year, but we are definitely looking forward to every break we get.

FullSizeRender 3So we flew into Catania and then drove up toward Cefalú where we stayed in an Airbnb.   From there we took day trips all over.  Check out that map!  I didn’t even realize it, but after evaluating the map, we enjoyed the beach and three different seas: Tyrrhenian, Ionian, and the Mediterranean.  And our favorite????  That north coast by far!  The water was perfectly clear, and such wonderful colors of aqua and blue!  The sand was soft, and the weather was perfectly mild.  So much so that we were able to enjoy the beach six straight days in a row without having to take a break due to sun exposure or heat exhaustion.  It was just wonderful.

This place we stayed at was a farm of sorts.  The owners live downstairs and the rent out the two upstairs apartments. The setting was so beautiful.

IMG_7488 - CopyIMG_7489 - CopyIMG_7492 - Copy

IMG_7495 - Copy
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IMG_7494 - Copy
And they had a Tessie-doggie there for Jaxon!  How crazy is that?

IMG_7496 - Copy

We grabbed groceries for the weekend and settled in.  We enjoyed relaxing and listening to our church’s worldwide semi-annual conference via the spotty wifi and really settled in.


Well some of us were relaxing!  Some of us were doing wall-sits:  SOME of us.  Dall!🤣IMG_7177

ADVENTURE 1: Palermo

Since the 10am MST conference would not be on until 6pm our time, we went and checked out Palermo the next day.  We really didn’t come for sight-seeing, we came for one thing:  THE BEACH!  We hadn’t researched much about Palermo, so this clearly is not a good travel guide!  Our observations were that it was run down, a bit dirty, busy, and curious.  I should have done my research!

IMG_7497 - CopyIMG_7499 - CopyIMG_7503 - CopyIMG_7505 - CopyIMG_7506 - CopyIMG_7508 - CopyIMG_7510 - CopyIMG_7512 - CopyIMG_7514 - CopyIMG_7515 - Copy


This place was a favorite for sure.  It was like this quintessential little fishing village right there on the sea.  We loved it so much we came here three times.  Twice for the beach and once for a date.  Check out the photos:  Oh, and have I mentioned that the first thing that happens as soon as we find a great beach spot?  CATCH!  Every time, all the time!  Usually football.





ADVENTURE 3: Mondello

We were a little concerned because this beach was very near Palermo, and we thought it might not be as great as Cefalu, but we were totally wrong.  This was amazing!  And when we arrived, we were literally the first ones on the beach.  The water here was shockingly blue when the sun was out!  And the sand was soft and we even found some pink sand.  Jaxon was a little unwell this trip, he wasn’t himself at all.  And when we were walking by and he saw the little paddleboat, he perked up and was so excited.  He said, if we rented it that he’d go down the slide 10 times.  Let me just tell you, it was the best 10 Euros we spent the whole trip.  So much fun!

ADVENTURE 4:  San Vito Lo Capo

This was a beach recommended by some people Jason work with here in Sicily.  They said this is the best beach.  It was pretty cool, and again, the colors are just stunning, but it’s not my top pick!  It was just a little crowded and super windy on us this day, so that might have put a little damper on things.  It was still a great day in the sun for sure, and it was way entertaining watching all the kite-surfers!


ADVENTURE 5: Ruins of Segesta

“The Doric Temple of Segesta is one of the most well-preserved Greek temples in the entire world.”  But we went after four hours at the beach.  Let me just say, we were all a bunch of Dorics while at the Temple of Segesta!  I’m not sure if we even got through reading a single plaque.  We laughed, ran, and played, and made up the history of everything we saw.  And I think it was only funny to us (poor-innocent-bystanders).  I won’t bore you with our colorful anecdotes!  I’ll let you just enjoy the photos!



ADVENTURE 6: Catania

After traveling back to Catania, we checked into our hotel then found this beach.  Catania is a big city, and this beach was just down past the port.  The sand was great and there were a few waves, which was fun, but it was a super dirty beach.  Made me sad to see.

Also, I haven’t even really talked food yet.  Well, you may think you love Italian food, but Italian food in Italy is NOT American Italian food.  Just isn’t.  And at some point you just get sick of pizza and pasta.  However, the gelato and granites were to die for!  We ate it every day, multiple times a day.  Well, by about now we were done with Italian food.  So we found a little market and made do: had a little hotel room picnic.



“Ragusa is one of the most picturesque towns in Sicily.”  That being said, sometimes this family of ours doesn’t do so well with walking around and looking at stuff.  But it was so charming, and we ate great gelato & brioche rolls along the way.  It was a wonderful stop.    We would fly home the next morning, so we checked out the Ragusa bay and enjoyed our last day in the water.  Totally different than the beaches in the north, there were waves, and we were the only ones on the beach.


It’s just so beautiful


More gelato in a Brioche bun, and this one has sugar on top!  SO GOOD!


And that’s a wrap my friends!  I hope you’ve enjoyed your little tour of Sicily with us.

Yeah!  They THOUGHT I was taking a shot that made it look like they were holding this thing up! 🤣
But SHE IS!!!!😉😉😉



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