Athens, Greece

Let’s go there!

When we lived in Texas our favorite beach was Destin, Florida.  We’d go there every year in the spring and/or fall for a week.  It was divine.  When we moved to the UK back in 2012 we knew we needed find our new Destin.  With that as our goal, we stumbled upon Crete.  Crete was nothing like Destin, but it was our European beach destination.  We found some beaches with amazing sand, even pink sand, beautiful clear water of the most amazing blues, even a gorge to hike, it totally fit the bill!

Now, with our oldest daughter scheduled to leave us to serve an 18-month church mission, and the kids starting school, we knew we wanted one last beach vacation before she left.  Rather than going back to Crete, we chose to try some place new.  Our destination:  Athens.  Miss Janae had just completed a pretty intense art history class and the Acropolis was on her bucket list.  So our goal was to check that off her list in addition to hunting down some beaches.  It wasn’t a way kick back beach vacation where you settle into a house and chill all week, it was more of an adventure!  We actually stayed at an Airbnb just around the corner from the Acropolis, but we rented a van for the family and drove each day to find a new beach.  It was so fun to navigate the roads, the little towns, and experience lots of countryside, and several different beaches.

We did a little research before we left and roughly followed it.  This is what I had with me when we left:

So Check it Out!

Schinias Beach & Marathon:

This was a great beach.  Lots of soft sand, right at the edge of a forest, and beautiful water.  It was quite a drive away, but we  loved it so much that we decided to go again at the end of our week in Athens.



We call this Ninja-GO!


And look at these photos we grabbed on our way back to Athens…BEAUTIFUL!IMG_6993IMG_6994IMG_6995IMG_6566IMG_6574

A little walking around the city Sunday after churchIMG_5487



Fortress and Ruins of Ancient Egosthena

Port Germanos:

This place did not disappoint!  It was such an adventure.  That water, am I right!? 😍

A Random Beach:

We found this one while driving down the coast past Asteras Beach quite a ways.  It was just another day, another beach, and a lot of fun.  What I don’t have photos of is our family playing volleyball with a couple old locals!  They just used some gestures to ask if they could play with us, and they did.  It was super fun!  We played until the sun went down and left the beach in the dark.


Yeah!  The Parthenon.  THE Parthenon.  It did NOT disappoint!  You might go a little dizzy looking at all the photos, but I just don’t know how to edit them out!  Sorry (a little). 😂 And ya gotta see Janae’s tour at the end!


Janae was our little tour-guide.  Equipped with all her AP Art History knowledge!


That’s Mars Hill where Paul taught the Athenians that worshipping an unknown god and making gods out of stone or the work of their own hands was wrong.  But that God was real and knowable, and that we are his children.  Way cool.


Watch Janae’s Official Parthenon Tour:

Everywhere we went she told us amazing facts and background about what we were seeing.  But played shy when I pressed record.  All well.


So that’s about it. We drove lots, played lots, and took in the Acropolis.  Athens?  Check.



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