Repentance Day

I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!

All work holidays here in Germany are religious.  This is so foreign to me coming from the USA where this sort of stuff would come under: separation of church and state.  Our national holidays are much different, like Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Independence Day, & Memorial & Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.  I’m not complaining though, because Repentance Day is just the Wednesday before our American Thanksgiving! So it was perfect to have our little bash with the kids home!

Granted it really wasn’t much of a bash at all, in fact a bit boring.  No Thanksgiving day parade on the TV while prepping a turkey, or football, friends, and family.  It’s just not the same.  But the moment the aroma of that turkey started to waft through the air, it was like instantly Thanksgiving, flooded with memories and the comfort of HOME.

Now I gotta share a few pictures because it was a little tricky pulling it off here, and we did cheat.  You see, Jason was in the states last month, so he brought home several key ingredients that actually made the task a lot easier.  But check out my little Insta-story on the pumpkins pie making…

The good news is it totally turned out and tasted legit!  So yay for the Pumpkin Pie! 🥧

The funniest thing about the turkey is finding one.  We’ve had our eyes peeled for months, lots of goose!  But never a Truthahn (turkey).  But I went a ways out of town to a larger store and found one.  This store resembled a Walmart, in that it had everything under the sun.  However it was way smaller and equally busy, so it was totally overwhelming, a zoo!  I found a turkey ✔️, but I needed a pan.  I grabbed the biggest one I could find that would actually fit into my Easybake Oven at home, and had to settle for a medium sized bird (so it would fit into my pan).  But it worked out great!  I bought a meat thermometer and was in business.  Everything was smelling great when it occurred to me that the thermometer would likely never register at 165 degrees, because it is in CELSIUS!  Whoops!  Said the bird in the nick of time and everything was great.

Our son AJ enjoyed Thanksgiving with his grandparents in Utah, and a second party with some dear old Texas friends.

And our daughter, Janae, was busy serving the people in Sakhalin, Russia by creating a little Thanksgiving feast of their own.  Mostly she just decorated.

I am so thankful for this wonderful family I get to grow and learn from.  They are way fun!  They have good hearts, and they are such great examples to me.  So from somewhere over Japan, to Utah, and from Germany, Happy Thanksgiving!


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