Skiing in Kitzbuhel: Round 2

IMG_1283Our family adventured to Kitzbuhel, Austria exactly 4 years ago when we lived in London.  It was our first road trip out of England and ventured through France, Belgium, and Germany to reach our Austrian destination.  This time, we just had to drive 5ish hours from Dresden.  But the drive still held some adventures.  Remember that time we drove off without paying for gas?  Oh yeah!  That totally happened.  About 20 minutes later, on the Autobahn Jason says, “did I pay for gas?”  😳  So we turned around and prayed someone would speak English so that we could try to communicate and correct our mistake.  And thank goodness it all worked out!

So we stayed in the same place as we did last time in the town of Jochberg.  It’s just 10 minutes from the more popular Kitzbuhel, so it feels way more small town, secluded, and much less crowded!  The ski lift was just outside our door, so the kids cold go out in the morning, come in for a long lunch, and make it out for the afternoon.   I say the kids because this girl is NO skiier/snowboarder.  I spent most of my married winters pregnant, nursing a baby, or watching the youngest kids.

But this year was different.  Jaxon finally was game to learn to ski. He’s one headstrong kid, so it had to be HIS idea.  And FINALLY, it happened this year, so he went to ski school each day.  Now there’s a problem, what should I do?  No kids to take care of (i.e. no excuses for not finally learning myself), except for the that fact that I’m in my 40s, is that a reason?  And if it isn’t, can it be???

IMG_7927Em was a good sport.  She has spent a lot of winters playing ball sports that kept her from skiing, so her enthusiasm for skiing is pretty low.  She understood how much the boys wanted this ski vacation, and she did a good job playing along.  But figured she’d try snowboarding this year instead.  After a few days of that, super swollen bruised up knees, and a sharp pain in her ankle, so took it easy, didn’t want to be injured coming back for soccer.  So there was this ski pass and snowboard rental calling my name.  I had to do it!

Let me preface, I have ridden a skateboard since I was a teenager, and I feel like the two sports translate pretty well.  So in my mind, I can already snowboard.  Like I’m pretty sure I understand how it all works and what to do with my body.  Well let me just tell you, that is somewhat true.  But my body wasn’t prepared for the many falls and tumbles it would take.

I think I was getting it, albeit fairly cautious, but I really was feeling it from time to time.  And there were moments when it was pretty great.  But this beginner is still totally on the fence as to whether I’ll continue my snowboard education in subsequent years.  We shall see.

IMG_1125After a rough first morning session of ski school, Jaxon took to skiing nicely.  He really likes it.  And this is a big deal, because there are few athletic things in this kid’s life that he’s enjoyed.  So we are super excited for him to take to skiing.  And maybe we get to move back to Utah in a couple of years, and these two boys of ours can go skiing each weekend.  I think that would be a great fit!

Jason snowboarded, he loved it but said he’s getting old, that skiing everyday all day was a beating on his legs.  And Dallin skied.  He was so great.  He was patient with the learners (me and Em), but he was adventurous as well.  He and Jason got lost in the clouds several times as they were out exploring the mountain.  And on the last day, Dallin was such a great leader to Jaxon.  He lead Jaxon down the mountain carefully and patiently, it was so cute watching him help Jaxon out each run.IMG_7920

Besides skiing and snowboarding, we spent time in the chalet watching the Winter Olympics, soaking in the hot tub and sauna, and reading books (well Em read a book when she didn’t ski).  But let’s talk about watching the Olympics in Austria with our German commentators.  If you’re American, it’s a disappointing way to watch the Olympics.  I swear they only televise  one sport:  the biathlon!  You know, the one where they cross-country ski and rifle shoot!  We saw like zero figure skating, snowboarding, a little downhill and bobsled.  It’s just NOT the same as the warm American commentators with the rich back stories of overcoming trials.  That whole American Dream!  We missed it.  But I think we have finally figured out all the rules of the biathlon!  So ask us anything!IMG_7947

Pretty sure we’ll find our way here next winter as well.  Traveling to new places is fun and all, but sometimes it sure makes it easy and more relaxing to just go back to the same place.  Sure glad we did this time.


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