Skiing in Kitzbuhel: Round 2

Our family adventured to Kitzbuhel, Austria exactly 4 years ago when we lived in London.  It was our first road trip out of England and ventured through France, Belgium, and Germany to reach our Austrian destination.  This time, we just had to drive 5ish hours from Dresden.  But the drive still held some adventures.  Remember... Continue Reading →


Athens, Greece

Let's go there! When we lived in Texas our favorite beach was Destin, Florida.  We’d go there every year in the spring and/or fall for a week.  It was divine.  When we moved to the UK back in 2012 we knew we needed find our new Destin.  With that as our goal, we stumbled upon... Continue Reading →

Soaking up Sicilian Sun

No Filter Needed Knowing our first winter in Germany might be a bit of a shock, we planned this trip to Sicily during the kids' Fall Break.  We were super excited to soak up every last ray of sun before winter!  And it worked out perfectly!  Can you believe they get a two week fall... Continue Reading →

Ragnar White Cliffs

When we lived in London, we went to church near our son's primary school in Selsdon.  We lived there for two years and made so many wonderful friends at church.  A little over a year ago, one of our friends there told me that we've been replaced by a new American family.  😉 Well this very... Continue Reading →

Quick Trip to Poland

We planned a quick weekend trip to Kraków and Auschwitz.  It was a beautiful city, and everyone seemed so friendly.  We explored the city some, drove by the Jewish Quarter and Schindler's factory.  Sunday morning we went to church, it was in a downtown office building on the third floor.  A very small congregation.  But... Continue Reading →

The Hills are Alive

This weekend we took a drive down to Salzburg, Austria.  We booked a Frauline Maria Bike Tour in Salzburg which was a lot of fun.  My kids made fun of me a bit, like I was having too much fun.  Yeah, I'm kind of a Sound of Music fan.  What can I say?  But it... Continue Reading →


This is a day trip I put together to explore with the kids while Jason was at work.  So I figured I had about a 50/50 chance at success.  I think going on excursions with big kids isn't much different than when I did it when they were little.  Both required some planning, prepping, packing,... Continue Reading →

Saxon-Switzerland National Park

Königstein Fortress & Bastei Bridge It's always tricky planning these outings.  Not only do we have to do the research, find the location, figure out logistics and all, but then we have to put together a sales presentation for the kids.  That's sometimes the most difficult task.  How to get the kids excited to get... Continue Reading →

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