Schule 101

A prereq. for understanding all things German Schools OR A FEW THINGS... I have learned so much about school here, and yet I know I really hardly know anything!  We registered the boys for DAZ (German as a Second Language) program offered at some of the regular schools here shortly after arriving.  However, we registered... Continue Reading →

Quick Trip to Poland

We planned a quick weekend trip to Kraków and Auschwitz.  It was a beautiful city, and everyone seemed so friendly.  We explored the city some, drove by the Jewish Quarter and Schindler's factory.  Sunday morning we went to church, it was in a downtown office building on the third floor.  A very small congregation.  But... Continue Reading →

The Hills are Alive

This weekend we took a drive down to Salzburg, Austria.  We booked a Frauline Maria Bike Tour in Salzburg which was a lot of fun.  My kids made fun of me a bit, like I was having too much fun.  Yeah, I'm kind of a Sound of Music fan.  What can I say?  But it... Continue Reading →


This is a day trip I put together to explore with the kids while Jason was at work.  So I figured I had about a 50/50 chance at success.  I think going on excursions with big kids isn't much different than when I did it when they were little.  Both required some planning, prepping, packing,... Continue Reading →

Saxon-Switzerland National Park

Königstein Fortress & Bastei Bridge It's always tricky planning these outings.  Not only do we have to do the research, find the location, figure out logistics and all, but then we have to put together a sales presentation for the kids.  That's sometimes the most difficult task.  How to get the kids excited to get... Continue Reading →

How the girls Commute

So we were on a tram the other day.  And the girls were sharing headphones and lip-syncing to songs.  This is not acting for the camera, this is just them every other day.  Seriously.  Poor Germans won't know what to make of us?  But they weren't loud! 😊

Germans know how to Recycle

I read the following: Environmental awareness in Germany is extremely high. In a country with limited natural resources and high population density, it is not surprising that there is broad consensus on recycling, conservation and renewable energy.  So it's not just noise pollution they are intense about (which I feel we're getting better by the way).  I... Continue Reading →

Let’s go Shopping

Easy enough, right?  Or is it?  So I thought I'd document one of my trips to the market.  There are several different grocery stores within walking distance of our house.  So come check it out... It's just not easy.  No brand recognition, the organization of the stores is different, it can be a bit overwhelming.... Continue Reading →

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